97th Drink and Draw

Now we are nearing our 2nd year of Drink and Draw (Facebook).
We should try to think of something fun to do with the pictures we have made in the past 1 year.

Here are some photos of the group working hard under the dim lights of Orange Tree Bar. As we started late, we didn't get much done and decided (since monday was a holiday) to have some more fun at the bar above Indigo Cafe. (this is 'drink' and draw, you know)

Come join the fun next week at Indigo Cafe.

p.s may be starting a new location closer to Itaewon or even Hongdae. Keep watching.


Drink and Draw - Sunday May 13th, 2012

Come down to Kangnam at 2:00pm and play some board games for a straight fee of 5000won for the whole day and 1000won off all drinks. Afterwards, come to Indigo Cafe for Dinner, Drinks and collaborated drawings!

Check out the meetup event:
Seoul Gamers