94th Drink and Draw Event!

What: Drink and Draw Event
Where: Indigo Cafe in Haebangchon (see directions below)
When: Sunday, April 1st @ 5:00pm ~ 7:00pm
Who: Anyone, skillful or not.

This weekend, we are hosting a Drink N' Draw event! Indigo Cafe in Haebangchon Sunday @5:00 -7:00 ..................Be there, or be....somewhere else, I suppose.

NO SKILL??? NO TALENT??? NO PROBLEM!!! You don't need to be a serious artist. All you need is a love for drawing or doodling, and a desire to mix that with everyone's favorite thing....SOCIALIZING!!! (You thought I was going to say BEER, didn't you? Well, you can drink beer if you want, also.)

We will have supplies available -paper, pens, pencils, markers, etc. However, if you bring some of your own, that would be greatly appreciated. This is a shared drawing experience. We all draw something, then share our pictures to be drawn on by others. You can't be selfish because we will destroy that masterpiece you took all night to perfect!

Some quick directions
--Go to Noksapyeong Station, line 6, exit 2. From exit 2, go straight. Follow the US army base on your left. Haebangcheon goes to the left from the main road. Go left on Haebangchon. (You will pass the 'Friendship House Gate' and a bunch of giant pots for making kimchi) Keep going straight. Indigo Cafe is on the right side. 


스킬이 없으시다구요??? 재능이 없으 시다구요??? 상 관 없어 요!!!! 저희는 심각한 아티스트를 필요로 하지 않습 니 다. 우리 모두 그림그리거나 낙서 하는 걸 좋아하는 사람들일 뿐이구 요, 여러 사람들이 좋아하는 것들을 그냥 마구 섞길 원 하는 그냥 모임일 뿐이에요.(맥주가 먹고 싶으시다구 요? 와서 맥주를 즐기셔도 됩니다.) 종이, 펜, 연필, 마커 등등 그림을 그 릴 재료들은 이미 준비되어 있어요. 하지만 더 가져오신다면 정말로 감사 하겠습니다. 그림을 공유하여 그리는 경험을 가지 시게 될 거에요. 내가 그 린 그림에 다른 누군가가 더해서 그 림 을 그릴거에요. 혼자만 생각하지 마세요, 밤새도록 그려오신 걸작을 우리가 망쳐버릴 수도 있어요.

 -찾아오는 길--지하철 6호선 녹사 평역 2번출구에서 직진하다보면 왼 쪽에 미 군부대가 나옵니다. 미군부 대 왼쪽으로 해방촌으로 올라오세 요. (미군부대의 'Friendship House Gate'가 보이고, 장독대가 쌓여있는 길이에 요.) 계속 올라오시다보면 인 디고 까페가 오 른쪽에 있습니다. 매 주 일요일 5:00~7:00PM에 드링크앤 드로우를 합니다.

Important Note--Sometimes, we arrive a few minutes late. Sometimes, we meet upstairs in the Orange Tree Bar. If you arrive and no one is there, please check with one of the servers in the Indigo. The people there are familiar with us, so you can ask them if anyone has arrived yet. If we aren't there, then just wait for a little bit before you give up

Any questions,see facebook page


Welcome to the first Drink and Draw blog post. I will start posting the pictures that we finish. I want to put it up here instead of the facebook page because the album gets messy.
Any new members are welcome to comment or leave a message at this page, the email, or  the facebook page. We welcome all people of any age, gender, and nationality.

Information about this group: This group was originally run by James, who now runs Drink and Draw Rochester, who learned the idea from a friend of his from Canada who used to work in Seoul, Korea.

As this is a group called, "Drink" and Draw, there will or may be alcohol involved. You don't really have to drink, but if you'd like to, that's okay. We mostly go to a cafe in Haebangchon called Indigo and they offer great food, coffees, cakes, and, of course, beer.

We are interested in mostly socializing and drawing pretty/ugly/unique/crazy (keep adding more adverbs) pictures together. We all start a picture and when we run out of ideas, we trade it off to another person, start a new one, or draw on another picture that someone else was doing.