Welcome to the first Drink and Draw blog post. I will start posting the pictures that we finish. I want to put it up here instead of the facebook page because the album gets messy.
Any new members are welcome to comment or leave a message at this page, the email, or  the facebook page. We welcome all people of any age, gender, and nationality.

Information about this group: This group was originally run by James, who now runs Drink and Draw Rochester, who learned the idea from a friend of his from Canada who used to work in Seoul, Korea.

As this is a group called, "Drink" and Draw, there will or may be alcohol involved. You don't really have to drink, but if you'd like to, that's okay. We mostly go to a cafe in Haebangchon called Indigo and they offer great food, coffees, cakes, and, of course, beer.

We are interested in mostly socializing and drawing pretty/ugly/unique/crazy (keep adding more adverbs) pictures together. We all start a picture and when we run out of ideas, we trade it off to another person, start a new one, or draw on another picture that someone else was doing.

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